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Bromley Consultants Limited

is the consultancy arm of the group of companies. It was established to offer the following services;
i) Training and capacity building ( Educational and professional)
ii) Business support for small to medium scale businesses.

We offer different training opportunities to both educational and corporate institutions or individuals.

Student and Teacher Training

In the past, the company has organized workshops nationwide to train teachers in different methodologies that can be used to teach primary and secondary school teachers, in partnership with Melrose Books and Publishing Limited.

Professional Courses

The company, in collaboration with Enterprise Training and Knowledge Group Limited and the British Council, have offered training opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students abroad, as well as industrial attachments to companies, home and abroad.

Training Entrepreneurs

The company also offers business support to start ups by offering training to prospective entrepreneurs on how to create a business plan and draft business strategies for their businesses. We also offer training services for their staff in different areas, such as sales and marketing, business finance, and human resource management.

The Team Consists Of

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Client-Centered Practices

As consultants, we cater our services according to the needs of our clients, working with diverse tools and models to help them achieve their objectives.

We Are Committed to Your Success

You can trust us. We work with the best and seek to make you the best in your field. We are always updating our knowledge base to ensure our partners thrive in their various industries. We pride ourselves in being…


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