About Us

Bromley Laboratory Limited

is into the production and distribution of both educational and medical laboratory equipment. Bromley Laboratory was conceptualized to raise the bar, with regards to the production of quality and durable scientific equipment, which can be used for teaching chemistry, physics, biology as well as vocational training, such as carpentry, engineering amongst others.

Global Partners

Bromley Laboratory has partners both home and abroad that specialize in the production of medical equipment used in hospitals and medical laboratory.

Collaboration with Government

In the past, the company partnered with both the state and federal government to produce and supply science and vocational equipment, as well as training for secondary schools, colleges of education, and polytechnics.

Education at the Core

The company, in partnership with Melrose Books and Publishing, helps provide a robust approach to education, and works hand in hand to enable it provide a one stop shop for all educational needs, especially to secondary schools, polytechnics/college of education, university college hospitals and universities in general.

Advancing Society

Our Services

Work Benches

Microscopes and Lenses

Long Tube Beakers and Chemistry Glass Ware

Human Skeleton Models

Test Tubes and Test Tube Racks


Promoting Sustainable Learning

The quality of our products and our passion for excellence are geared towards the development and production of meaningful and quality educational materials, as well as medical equipment that promote sustainable learning, understanding, and solutions among the pupils and as users of our equipment.

Our Operational Objectives

We seek to complement the national efforts and encourage children, parents, schools and medical practitioners to invest in quality educational materials and medical equipment, while developing affordable, research-based academic and medical resources, to meet the needs of different learners.

Diverse and Responsive

We Come Highly Recommended

Our Clients

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