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and Publishing Limited was incorporated in March 2010, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, and began operation in January 2011. It was founded on the basic principle of introducing a new way of publishing, through innovative and modern methods of creating content that make learning/understanding easier, interactive, and interesting to the readers and users.

Our Vision

To be one of the best in Africa, through innovative, research-based, and ICT enhanced publishing.

Operational Philosophy

Our operational philosphy is consistent with the guiding principles of Nigerian education, enshrined in the National Policy on Education and in the expanded vision of Basic Education, contained in the Universal Basic Education Programme.

Education for All

At Melrose Books and Publishing Limited, we not only share the ideals/vision of ‘Education for All is the Responsibility of All’; we also accept it as a challenge to develop and produce quality materials based on the current research findings and best practices in the printing industry.

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Fully-Automated Printing Press

Melrose Books and Publishing Limited possesses a modern printing outfit that produces quality jobs. The Printing Press is fully automated with adequate provisions for the pre-press, press, and finishing facilities.

We Partner With Books Direct

Books-Direct is a partner of Melrose Books with regards to tertiary titles. They also have an e-library.

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